Saturday, 27 March 2010

Trial and error: headscarves

Milk was a bad choice.

Yesterday I managed to achieve a fringe so perfectly rolled, Betty Paige would have been proud. I decided to team this with a headscarf, tied in a fabulously floppy bow that perched unashamedly on the side of my head. Wearing retro disco pants (my mother's, circa 1978) and a bell sleeved top, this would be my first time at school with such head gear; I was ready.

Yesterday I learnt two important lessons:
  1. The Polyvalente des Baies of Baie Comeau is not ready for fabulously floppy bows
  2. Headscarves do not work whilst playing l'intercross
After spending the morning with people staring, pointing, laughing and, most annoyingly, poking (thanks Jérome) the fabulous floppy bow, part of me wanted to abandon ship when I went home for lunch. But I did not! Abuse and rejection of excellent headwear would not stop me; I would not bow to the demands of society!

At last period I had l'intercross. This sport is relatively new to me, and I'm not particularly good. No matter! I dove in enthusiastically, the wind blowing through my fabulously floppy bow, glasses askew, one yellow Reebok abandoned somewhere near our defense. Miraculously, I has just intercepted and caught the ball in my net-on-a-stick, and was sprinting towards the opposition's goal in a blaze of glory. I had five seconds after catching the ball to pass or to score, or the ball would be given to the other time. At second four, my fabulously floppy bow fabulously flopped over my eyes.
Time slowed; I decided to throw the ball in my interpretive direction and hope for the best. The five-second whistle blew just after the ball left my net-on-a-stick, and I pushed the fabulously floppy bow out of my eyes just in time to appreciate my quick tactical decision.

Unfortunately, I have found that life isn't quite an American teen movie. So the ball didn't soar gracefully in slo mo into the goal. The crowd didn't roar. I wasn't lifted onto the shoulders of my team mates. There was no parade through the school corridors. I have not started a fashion for fabulously floppy bows. My name hasn't gone down in history books as the coolest exchange student of all time.

I managed to catch the nano-second where my inexperted-ly flung ball struck the upper thigh of my unsuspecting team mate, was consequently taken by a member of the opposition, who then, sprinting down the pitch in a genuine blaze of glory, scored a goal and won the game.


However, I will not be shied by this experience. Coincidentally, Super Kawaii Mama posted a 3 Easy Ways to Tie a Headscarf - Retro Style video yesterday that I will be experimenting with.

There are no fabulously floppy bows, but maybe that's for the best...