Thursday, 4 March 2010

Cunning Plan: Yummy Biscuits

Is it as cunning as a fox what used to be Professor of Cunning at Oxford University, but has moved on, and is now working for the UN at the High Commission of International Cunning Planning?

Why yes. Yes it is.

I figured biscuits are yummy. Especially ones with flavoured icing. The only thing is that once flavoured icing comes into the bargain, that's all you can really taste, so any amount of sugar and fat in the actual biscuit is lost on you.

So I made a batch of low cal biscuits, which were comprised mostly of wholegrain flour and low
fat strawberry yoghurt (35 cals per 100g). The recipe for which you can find HERE. I didn't add the honey, because I do not like honey (: I cut them into little bitesize hearts. For icing, I defrosted a random amount of raspberries and kept adding icing sugar until I got a good, thick consistency. The colour was freaking awesome, and went nicely with the heart shape (good for Valentines, just a couple of weeks too late!).

The biscuits on their own really did not taste of very much, but the texture was light and crumbly. With the icing on top, if I say so myself, they tasted really rather good. I took half of the batch to my friend's house, and left the other half at home. When I got home later that evening, two biscuits were left from the twenty.

I'll take that as a sign they went down well..