Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Lolifish: Dior Lace Poudrier Dentelle (and a long and rambling realisation)

This. Is. Gorgeous.

I love a light pink cheekbone, but so far I've been using pink eyeshadows, as regular blush brands haven't been light enough. This blush by Dior, however, is another story. Not that I have it myself, but I am informed that this adds a light pink hue to your high cheeks. On top of that, the delicate lace is so alluring...

At 40$, it's not cheap, but it's hardly going to break the bank. I can imagine feeling a heady rush of delight every time I would use it.


Make-up, unfortunately, is not high on my list of priorities. After buying all the things I genuinely need, my list of things to spend serious amounts of money on goes: shoes, clothes, books/dvds/stationery, fun stuff I don't need, bags, then make-up. So I very rarely spend more than 15$ on one item. My 'nice brand' make-up bits were things I stole from my mother gifts. I did buy a MAC Studio Finish Powder once which I loved, but it made me look even paler that I am (which is fairly ghostly). I blame this entirely on the dead-behind-the-eyes colour match man who sold it to me.

If I'm honest, I can bump shoes off of my list (SOB). I don't need any more; I have 20 pairs with me in Qu├ębec, not to mention the fairly sizeable collection I left in England.
I also have more than enough clothes. However, as I start dipping my toes into the lagoon of Lolita (and Hime Gyaru, Mori Gal and Dolly Style), I wouldn't begrudge myself a dress or two (or several).
I have a mountain of yet to read books clogging up my bookshelves at this very moment. I have waaaaay too much stationery to suit my needs. I could spend weeks watching dvds that I already own.
Fun stuff I don't's all in the name.
Bags. I have plenty of cheap bags. I have some lovely clutches, a gorgeous Liz Claiborne bag (why, oh why did I leave that in England?!) and a whole bunch of 3$-or-less canvas totes, which I spent a good hour or so today fixing. I would LOVE this Vivienne Westwood bag, but I think my dad's head would explode.

Then there's make-up. The products I buy myself do an alright job. I almost get the effect I want, but what I lack is anything with staying power. The items that work best are the slightly more expensive ones that I didn't buy myself (Yves Saint Laurent, MAC Viva Glam, Urban Decay).

So I figure I'll start investing in good quality make-up.

Who knows? Maybe I'll even buy a certain Dior Lace blush.

Please excuse me whilst I powder my....cheekbones...