Sunday, 14 March 2010

Babelcute: Trench Coats

Serendipity. Look for something, find something else, and realize that what you've found is more suited to your needs than what you thought you were looking for.

I have always loved trench coats. I wore one as uniform in my primary school and I adored it. For years now I've lusted after one of the gorgeous, iconic, nude Burberry trench coats.
Back with Spring (as always), trench coats are lightweight, and practical for the interchangeable weather. This year features trenches in adorable pastels; pinks, blues, even mints.

How I do it: Woe is me; I don't. There are so many beautiful trench coats out there, cheaper, cuter, probably more flattering, but I still yearn after the classic. One day I will stride into Burberry London, buy a trench coat, and flounce out with my head held high. I may not be able to afford food for several weeks afterwards, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

A better An actual way of doing it:

Gorgeous, Innocent Worldy goodness, in a practical setting.

Mary Magdalene comes up trumps with this subtle-sailor trench. The colour is dark for spring, but it makes a lovely evening coat.

This is very much THE step from winter to summer. It's light and airy; stay away from heavy knits and long skirts. I love this look with off-white gloves, delicate ankle boots and a light scarf for colder days, and over the knee socks, bare collarbone (oooh...naughty) and a statement hair piece for when the sun is smiling down upon you.

Just try not to screw it in a ball and throw it in your bag when it gets too hot...