Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Babelcute: Dancer chic #1 - Leotards

If ballet were easy, they'd call it football.

Instead of a cutesew, why not go for a body suit? It has a cute, off-duty ballerina feel to it; I also think it would be ADORABLE with bloomers and a thick-knit cardie for hanging around the house. This body suit (right!) is from the Spring 2010 Dolce and Gabbana Ready to Wear collection. I really love this; the centre panel has a floral feel that reminds me of the kitch faux-Victoriana motifs that can be found in my house in England, whilst the outside panels have a Rockabilly feel. This example is not particularly Lolita, but beautiful none-the-less.

How I do it: As much as I love the D&G body suit, the $1385 price tag leaves me reeling. I have a plain black lycra leotard, that cost me less than $20 and that I genuinely used to wear to ballet class. Usually I wear this with my Lipsy black lace and pink net skirt (thanks Joe), the black cardie I changed the buttons on with my hair in a loose, low bun. Then I flounce about for the day speaking French and feeling very cultured. Take that society!

A better way of doing it:

For some neon bright, Fairy Kei-on-speed direction leotards, definitely check out Leotard World...I particularly enjoy the hilarity factor of this one :P

The criss-cross back prevents this black leotard from being too dull, and hits right on trend with cut out details.

Long sleeved, lacy bodysuits look really cute under dresses, and make a nice change from blouses. This one (right) from American Apparel is perfect, and only 45$.

Jump on the one shouldered trend with this one shouldered body suit from Miss Selfridge for around 30$ (left). The cotton material rather than lycra prevents it from being an 80s reject item.

We Love Colors has some excellent leotards in their dancewear section. This leotard has a ballet madame feel to it with a roll neck and long sleeves. If you don't like green don't worry; it comes in 51 colours!

If your bodysuit is plain, think about sewing some small beads in a star burst on one side. Sewing sequins along each edge, however, is too faux Busby Burkley for this exercise.

There really are some gorgeous, floral leotards out there if you look hard enough, but I got distracted by the metalic, glittery, neon affairs :P

So go dancer chic!

Leave the legwarmers out of it though; this is unfortunately not a Fame revival.