Saturday, 6 March 2010

Babelcute: Alice in Wonderland

Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop.

Having appreciated 'Alice in Wonderland' for a fair amount of time, the Lolita world was already way ahead when the impending release of Tim Burton's Alice sparked a torrent of wonderland inspired fashions. Not including the general forray into frilly dresses - which seems to come about every Spring - Alice appears to have been generally limited to accessories, which doesn't include her infamous headband.

What I am particularly enjoying is the non-limitation to just Alice; many of the characters are getting a look in.

How I do it: However much ignored by the fashion community, I still love Alice bands; they generally form a part of my everyday wear anyway. In hommage to the Red Queen, I'm wearing red rose studs in my ears.

A better way of doing it: Alice - she wears her hair in loose curls. Embrace your own natural
curls by drying your hair to 80%, then winding it into a bun at the base of your head.
Red Queen - heart shaped paraphernalia! This pair of heart sunglasses are from
White Queen - standing out from her whiteness, her big eyebrows are making a big statement. Organise an indian eyebrow threading appointment and you're good to go.
Mad Hatter - hats, hats, more hats. Visit and be amazed.
White Rabbit - stopwatch! This Audrey Hepburn stopwatch from may be a little off topic, but it is loveerllyy.

Spend or splurge! Some of my favourite frilly ensembles are from Stella McCartney (dress - left) and Miu Miu (skirt - right).

However, If your budget doesn't stretch thaaat far, this dress (left) for only 110$, and this skirt (right) for only 80$, both from Topshop, do the trick!

I saw the new film this evening with Quentin, Mathilde and Jean Pierre (my host brother, sister 3 and father). I really enjoyed it. I liked that it built on the Alice in Wonderland we already know. I didn't like the fact that it was soooo CGI. Of course it had to be, to work with the style, but I was so aware of it that I found it difficult to really believe what I was watching...which kind of ruins the point.