Friday, 19 February 2010

Sleepy Friday

It's hard to take over the world when you sleep twenty hours a day.

This morning I woke up feeling less than perfect, so I went for a super comfortable outfit. Very highstreet. (Jumper: Marks and Spencers; Skirt: New Look; Headband: Present from Mummy E.J). Bare legs today - it was 4 degrees here...centigrade! This winter is snowed a little today, but it melted immediately - so not much use.

My friend Jérome holds a self-defence class at lunch times every couple of weeks. I go along - even though I'm really bad. It's a lot of fun, although when I was pretending to attack Natacha she flipped me over her back without bending down, and I hit my head on the floor. The space we use is the gymnastics room, so it has a padded floor, but from then onwards I had a headache I couldn't shake.

I forgot to bring a lunch with me, as I usually eat at home, but Brenda brought some snacks for me when she came to school in the afternoon. I honestly don't know what I'd do without her - she's been absolutely amazing over the past six months. *Insert 'Ode to Brenda' here*.

My final class was Ski de Frond (Cross country skiing) in Education Physique (Physical Education...), but it got cancelled because it was too warm. So we just crashed in the gymnastics room again. I was literally fighting to stay awake, and my head was pounding. When I got home I popped some pills, ate some cereal and decided to take a nap. I had nothing planned until 9, when Brenda would pick me up with les filles and we'd do something fuuun. I took off my make-up (did some camera whoring with my fairy lights!) and slipped into bed at around 4:45.

The phone rang loudly somewhere near my head. Confused and sleepy, I looked over at the clock. 8:30. WHAAAT?! I had been in a middle of a dream in which Brenda was really angry at me, and didn't like me any more. It was one of those strangely weird ones where you're not sure if it genuinely happened or not. I still had a headache, and wasn't feeling up to going out, so I called Brenda up and left a message on her answerphone telling her not to pick me up.
'And by the way, I just had a bad dream about us, and I just wanted to say I love you.'

I'm still nursing my headache.