Friday, 26 February 2010

Singing Power

I spent many years laughing at Harry Secombe's singing until somebody told me that it wasn't a joke.

I love to sing. Singing is a powerful talent to have. It raises our spirits.
I wasn't born a talented singer. I always enjoyed it, and my voice was average, but I had problems keeping to the right key...I've always gone in my own direction. But I took lessons, and my singing is technically good if nothing else.

I also love to be on stage. I've been on stage regularly since the age of 6; it runs in my veins. There is nothing in this world quite like being on stage. I hadn't been in a performance since May 2009 (unless you count the fashion show in November, for which I was onstage for all of 40 seconds).

Sooo tonight was the first show with the gospel choir that I'm in here. That would be another thing I would recommend if you're far from home; joining a gospel choir. It is hilarious fun! My host family didn't bother to come couldn't make it, so I didn't specifically have anyone in the audience who was watching me, but I got some amazing comments after the show which totally made up for it. Because (as I explained) I am not a natural-born singer I get quite nervous, so being in a choir is great for me, as I can work with others without feeling way too pressured. I had one solo of three lines long, in a song with five other soloists.

Anyway, at the end of the last song, we walked up through the audience and into the hallway leading to the exit whilst singing. This meant we could thank the public for coming as they left. Several people approached me to say how beautiful my voice was, which I was very touched by. But nicest of all, the dad of one of the second sopranos came up to me..'You have an amazing voice, and such a good quality on stage. You have to audition for Star Academy. When you sing on stage, everyone else disappears. You have charisma, and you sing with your heart. I'm a musician, and I know a good singer. You are by far one of the best I've heard.'
I hate to sound big headed by writing this up, but MAN I was so proud of myself.

I guess this post is to gloat a bit, but mostly just to prove that even if you're not amazing at something straight away, that practice and hard work will bring positive results in the end. I was thrilled. Really I was.
Ok, I've stopped tooting my own flute now (or tickling my pickle!).

I bought five cute hair accesories for 10$ the other day, and proceeded to camera whore with them! Here are my favs:

Another hard day's work in the land of the Novice Lolita.