Monday, 22 February 2010

Charity Meals

Great love affairs start with Champagne and end with tisane.

Saturday I went shopping with sister two (Éleonore) and our mum. Being a small town, there aren't many shops in general; let alone where I'd really buy anything. So I was mighty pleased when I found a black cardie and grey, partially patterned, angora knee highs. I subsequently changed the buttons on the cardie from black to multi coloured.

I had a rendezvous with the representative of the company that I'm doing the exchange with (ASSE Ltd). Geralda and I decided to meet at our favourite haunt, 'Le Manoir de Café'. I arrived early, so I took 20 minutes to look around the surrounding shops. I found a shop full of super cute, inexpensive things (which I'm going to try and fit into the budget for March!). We ordered pots of tea and raked over the past two months.
I told her of my recent successes and failures. She replied: 'I have no worries about you. You're like a bubble in fine champagne; you're sure to reach the top.'

In the evening I went to a charity dinner with Catherine and Myriam. It was hosted by my friend Emilie St-Laurent to raise money for a group of disabled teenagers to go to Disney World. Her brother is part of this group (and he's absolutely lovely). It was so much fun, and the evening was a success. The tables were covered in disney stickers and cute! I won a free hours massage in the raffle, which more than made up for the fact that when my spaghetti arrived, it was slopped across the table and I was left to scoop it up and mop up the sauce.

These things do happen..