Saturday, 6 February 2010

In the beginning

Il existait une diffĂ©rence entre avaler de l’information, et la comprendre.
A difference exists between having information, and understanding it.

Almost two weeks ago, I was trawling the internet for prom dresses. I wanted something…different. Tired of the slink-satin-jewel toned-clones (for only 500$!) that most of the websites were throwing at me, I returned to google and typed 'Victoriana'. From there, I quickly discovered the world of Lolita. A world that tied many loose ends of my personality. A world that wore what I loved, but hadn’t come across before. A world that made sense. A world, that I had been missing from for too long.

Since then, I’ve spent a large chunk of my spare time sieving the internet for Lolita information. Handbooks, magazine copies, blogs, vlogs, advice pages, shopping sites – everything I could find in English I read, everything in Japanese I translated.

Why am I starting a blog so early in my Lolita discovery? I’ve decided to publish my journey from the very beginning, all the way from non-Lolita, to Lolita. It will mark my steps, my mistakes, my successes; everything. And I hope those of you, who, like me, are starting from the bottom and working their way up will find something useful, will avoid an easy-to-make mistake, will try something that worked. And for those of who are already on their journey, I hope you can offer advice!