Wednesday, 10 February 2010

In My Room - Pre-Lolita

It's okay to laugh in the bedroom so long as you don't point.

Today I have a day off. Our work experience day organised by the school was scheduled for the 26th of January. However, on the 25th, we had a lot of rain which froze to form sheet ice overnight. Due to the danger on the roads, all work experience days were canceled. This was announced on the morning radio. However, my host family forgot to tell me. So whilst my all my friends were smugly rolled in a ball somewhere under their duvets, I was hammering on the door of the local library. Luckily all the employees were there for the day anyway, and after learning that it was meant to be canceled, I decided to stay anyway. It was stay, or walk the forty minutes home in the rain. I actually had a really good day in the end.

As you can imagine, I was over the moon when the work experience was reorganised, and it was decided that I shouldn't bother going into school.

Currently, my room is unorganised, untidy, and is making me unhappy. My castle? My arse.

I decided to use this day to my advantage - to clear out my room and create the foundations on which my palace will be built. I'd like to mention now, any changes made to my room will have to be purely superficial - this room is not technically MY's my host sister Constance's old room. I'm simply borrowing for my year here.

To give you an idea of what I'm working with, I decided to do some before and after pictures.
So here we go!

This is my work top and mirror, where all the magic happens! Asyou can see, I have perfected the art of balancing things on top of other things. Yes, that is a crown on top of my lamp, I use it to hold back my hair whilst I'm taking my make-up off. The top drawer is for jeans, the middle for pyjamas (hence why it doesn't close) and the last for long sleeved tops. I cannot promise that the current contents are limited to that; I'm fairly certain there's a pair of grey tights lurking in there somewhere.

This is my bed, corner shelving device and pin board. Note the sleeping bra nestled proudly into the folds of my 'I'm a very busy person' shirt. There's also a bra hanging on the corner post of my bed. I scatter bras hither and thither, with gay abandon in my fairy ring. The giant monkey was a present from my sisters Constance and √Čleonore when they came to visit me during my one-day stay at hospital. There was a fun time when everyone thought I had meningitis, including a very friendly insurance man who got very confused when I answered the phone to my hospital room, as he had been under the impression that I was in a coma. Her name is Bobette (original; well done Constance). The ukulele is called Lana. I've been playing for almost a year now, and if you take one thing from this blog, for however long it lasts, it should be that the ukulele is freaking awesome.

This is my desk, rocking chair and what I like to call The Floor Show. The tangle of clothing in the bottom left is my laundry pile. I have a serious storage space issue in my room. I arrived with 60kg of luggage (seriously), my parents sent some other things over, and I've bought a few bit and bobs here. So instead of my three desk drawers being full of desk things, they actually contain my pants, socks and bras. It also means I have three suitcases in my room with nowhere to go. The centre back is my actual cupboard where I keep my shoes (very VERY important - I'm a shoe girl), dresses, short sleeved tops and skirts. I don't really have enough hangers either, so most of my stuff is doubled up. That's another reason for mess; invariably the item I want is hung under something else, so when in a rush the first item gets thrown somewhere over my right shoulder.

A further reason for mess is bags. I put stuff in a bag to do something, or go somewhere and it never gets unpacked. The reason for this being that a full bag looks almost as tidy as an empty bag. This has resulted in many, many bags full of stuff.

So today, it all gets pulled out, organised, put back.

My castle's foundations.