Monday, 3 May 2010

Birthday Highlights

I am a very lucky person.
I am also a very grateful person.

Be warned; this is a bit long...

My 18th birthday was excellent fun. I popped hydrogen balloons, ate pie and had Happy Birthday sung to me at least ten English as well as French.

I'd love to take the time here to write about each present I received, say my thanks yous, give my comments, but I'll save that for my thank you notes (they are coming, just give me time!). I don't ever really make a birthday list. I just drop hints as to things I'd like. So imagine my delight when my friends and family keep hold of these clues, sometimes for months, and then choose a gift according to this sliver of information. The time, effort and soul that goes into everything makes my presents absolutely priceless. From training shoes and sleep masks, through spending money and rainbow scarves, to interesting books and mouth painted cards, they're all appreciated, they're all kind, and they're all perfect.

I will, however, ­­'brush' over the Red Cross Birthday Box I received from my immediate family. I sat on my bed saturday afternoon with my presents laid out before me, labelled 1-18 (I didn't get the significance of that straight away - bravo Emily Jane). Each tag had a personal comment or clue. I was in aawwweee.
I will never be able to thank my family (including Zoe, of course) enough for these gifts. My mother being the catalyst behind the operation deserves a lot of praise. I'm sitting trying to find the words to express my gratitude, but minutes pass without my pen hitting paper; I am physically not able to give voice to how opening them made me feel. Delighted. Inspired. Emotional! The only feedback that I've given to my mum so far was over the phone, and she was in a rush.
'It was like a Happy Cup Day orgasm.'
You see, mummy Emily Jane appears to have absorbed Happy Cup Day by some sort of freaky cyber osmosis.
Does it help that she's the editor? No doubt.