Saturday, 8 January 2011

Man Points: The First Issue

Man points are not awarded by an individual. Rather, they are simply woven into the fabric of the universe

Already, so early in my Man Points acquisition, I am a failure. Turns out I should have done some research before I threw myself into this noble quest. Once I'd published my last post, I belatedly asked Google about Man Points, and thus far Google has informed me that I have already lost points for the following things:
  • Not having a hairy chest
  • Owning a cat
  • Lacking in the trouser department
  • Not being able to get the lid off something
  • Keeping track of Man Points
Funnily enough, the last offence was the one that cropped up most frequently.
I'll change my tack, and instead of counting my Man Points, I'll just acknowledge that some more have been accumulated and therefore I am slightly more masculine. That'll do.

Luckily I also managed to redeem myself for not having made my own sandwich this morning, which apparently earns me some Man Points.

Thanks Mummy Emily Jane!